History Edit

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Child, about 10
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height the avraege height of a kid
Weight the avreage weight for a kid

The character Toto is from Dan and Phil's Undertale let's play series. The character is originally known as "Frisk", but was given the name Toto due to Dan's Totoro shirt.

Trivia Edit

  • Dan and Phil thought they were naming the playable character when they chose the name "Toto". They were in fact naming the first human who fell down the mountain, in line with undertale's story
  • The character Dan and Phil thought they were naming is in fact named "Frisk"
  • Toto never looks bothered
  • Toto wears a blue shirt with pink stripes
  • Toto is a True Pacifist

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